Saturday, December 14, 2013

CBS Live Stream

I found a few sites that have live tv streams that make it easy for people to watch tv online.Especially this the gov't turned stopped using analog. This digital signals really suck. I put up a stream from it is really a good live tv streaming site.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I know that anybody with an ps3 has noticed that they can't watch any videos on your ps3 . Well you see that youtube in it's infinite wisdom has stopped using XL for ps3 . Which has also affected otherdevices as well. So l searched the net for anyway that I could still seeyoutube videos without have to download them. I found a site calledPS3 Youtube which allows you to see youtube videos . All you have to do is for their instructions and you can watch any videos . Just click and you will be taken to their site where you can follow there directions and you can watch any videos .Click Here for PS3 Youtube I also went to yahoo answers and found that there is a second site where you can watch youtube videos it is called It seems to work well Click Here for hidemyass

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today while listening to John&Ken. John mention this case out in nj where this man had a stroke and woke in poland .This patient dumping done internationally. They call it medical repatriation.The hospital that did this is Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital These scrumbags are all about the money ,they don't give shit about people only money. First they dump the homeless patient's onto skid so they can save money now they do it with illegal's. I'm going to embedd a video from youtube that discusses this .

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Copy Of Mildred's Myspace Page

Since Mildred Patricia Baena closed her myspace account. I think that it may
be because of me. I looked looked on google got her a listing of her myspace
page and open the web cache. I got an additional pictures that I will be posting.
Here are the pictures of her now defunct webpage. Hope you enjoy.

If you have any comments please don't be shy. Bye!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arnolds's Lovechild

Like everyone else I seen and heard about the Arnold and Maria
splitting. I wondered if Arnold had cheated. In a few days ,I founded
out that he had cheated with his maid of many years and had a love
child. I watched inside edition and and the tv for news. I even scoured
the internet. I heard them say that his mistress had a facebook or
myspace page. So I looked for a facebook search engine. I think it is
called Kuttle or something. So I used the search engine and typed her
name in and bingo,I found it. You've have thinked that maybe she'd
blocked it. Considering the attention that she is getting. On the page
she call's herself "my sexy self". Where she has pictures of herself
and her son . Here are few of those pictures.

For those all of you what to go to her myspace page the link is:{%22ImageId%22%3A2168186}

Please write comments about what you think it.

Sorry Folks Don't Go To link Mildred Patricia Baena has just closed her myspace account

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Markie's299 Comments

David Letterman is a real sleaze for making jokes about Sarah Palin's14 yr old.Saying Arod knocked her up. This dirtbag should lose his jobjust like when Imus lust his job from CBS and MSNBC.Where is the publicoutcry? This guy is like 62 and he think's making jokes about minor's isfunny!This is really unbelievable.Onto another topic,this one is aboutJames Von Brunn the lunatic the killed the security guard at the HolocaustMusem in D.C. Who were the idiots who let this fool out early? Like thisguy is a walking poster for hate crimes. He tried to kidnap people from thefed. He got only 6 yrs,he should've got more. He has an hate site. I thinkthat they should stiffen the penalty. So that the next time some fool triesto kidnap federal employee's his gets a longer sentence not just 6 yrs.Yesterday while I was watching tv I saw a piece about Chastity Bono havinga sex change. Excuse me but I thought that she was just gay! That blew mymind! Cher must be climbing the walls! One last thing. This about Lisa Ling'ssister. It's sad that Laura Ling and Yuna Lee were investigating a story abouthuman trafficking and get caught entering North Korea. I think that North Koreamay be using them as bargaining chips.I hope that they are freed real soon.That'sall for this week

Uncle Russells Funeral

Funera Last Week my uncle russell passed away,he had a heart conditionwhich caused him to lose circulation to one of his lower extremeties.He had to have one of his lower part of his legs cut off. This timehe spent sometime in a nursing facility. He complained that they ignoredhim. When he went to the hospital he had bed sores and the doctors weren'ttoo happy with the facility that was supposed to be taking care of him. Igot a phone call from my sister nancy about my uncle russell,she said thathad passed away on Thursday May 28th in hospital. I called my cousin to offermy condolences. I spoke to my mother she said that my aunt eleanor hadn't hadtime to make the funeral arrangements yet. The next day I hoped on the subwayD line to Queens where I transfered to the E line then to the F Line to 179ththen I took the N22(Long Island Bus) to Hicksville train station to Wyndanchthen to my mother's house. I spent a day and half at her house. Then I went overto my cousin's house. I helped him clean up his house. Then on Tuesday we went tothe wake and payed our respects.On the day of the funeral people from my uncle'sorganization,called Pals For Christ which is a prison ministry.They spoke about theirexperiences with him. One lady sang,another person played the Sax. My cousin Paulspoke about his last conversation with him. My uncle telling him that he wantedgo home and my cousin saying don't worry we will take you home,but he ment thathe wanted to go to heaven not his earthly home. Then my 2 cousins Tasha and Shannaread his obituary which read as follows Russell Charles Williams Born Dec 4th 1924to family of a large family of 5 sisters. He had a good work attitude he would shinepeople's shoe's,he would later on become an carpenter and open his own business.In1950 he met and married Eleanor Greene. He had two children from a previous marriageRussell Jr. and Diane. His children with Eleanor are Marie Williams Leighton,Dennis Williams,Steven Williams,Mark Williams.He has many grand children and greatgrand children. After the eulogy,people were encouraged to view the body the lasttime.Then we went to Pinelawn Cementary to bury him. At Pinelawn we gathered aroundthe casket while the preacher read from the bible,then they gave people flowers whicheverybody put on the casket then headed out to the cars. I stayed on Long Island fortwo more days then I went home